One Friend

Raili, over at Soul Gifts presented those of us partaking in the Circle Of Friends challenge with quite an array of questions for Week 2, regarding our Closest Friends…..

For me, the answer to this question is easy. My Closest friend is also my Best friend, my Partner, my Husband. His love and support is insurmountable. His encouragement beyond compare. I know I can tell him Anything, and he won’t judge or laugh………..he accepts me, flaws and all……he’s a great communicator and he’s been a teacher……with his help, I learned how to look and Really See Myself for the first time………….

When we met, he was a butcher and I was a baker (true story). Work aquaintances, we wouldn’t go out together for another 2 years………when we did eventually go out, he took me out on a boat. (He won major points for that!) It was while we sat looking out at the water, in complete silence….and it was Comfortable, we both knew. Been together ever since……..

We’ve been through some tough shit together, and it only made us stronger. There is nobody I’d rather have in my corner……..we have each other’s backs…we know we can count on each other……I’d do anything for him, and he for me…up until him, I’d never had anyone with whom I felt comfortable enough to share All of me with…..(poor guy! 😁) He’s had his hands full, but with his help, I’ve been able to make peace with many of my demons…..

We laugh….A lot!!😄 and when it comes right down to it……not only do I Love him, I Really Really Like him….and he Likes me too!!! ☺️

13 thoughts on “One Friend

  1. A man with a beard who likes sailing ! I got one of those too 🙂 That’s a beautiful post, a gorgeous photo and a lovely song – three in one. May your life continue to be blessed and filled with Grace 🙂

  2. I think your observation there at the end is actually the clue to a successful marriage. It’s far better to be really good friends first and foremost, because when the love fades in and out, which is so often the way of life, if you have that friendship to fall back on, you can weather anything and fall in love all over again. JMHO!

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