Screen Time

Poetry, Day Six: ScreenYou’re reading these words on a screen. Screens — comforting, addictive, inescapable — are everywhere, especially when we read and write (and blog). Today, write a poem about, against, or in homage to the screens in your life. Or write about some other kind of screen — for example, the one stretched across your window, or the piece of cloth on which movies are projected at the theater………….

Photo source…Google search

Waking up early,

I scramble to my desk.

Push the button,

Screen lights up…

As I hold my breath…..


My heart is pounding,

As the dialing begins,

Waiting for the connection

That only cyberspace 


I hurry and log in,

To that place I always go,

Excite Chat, 

30’s Room,

Its a place many know…


I wonder if you’ll be there,

In ‘our’ room where we meet,

Every morning at 5 a.m.

As we try to be discreet….


Got my coffee, 

Lights turned low,

Waiting patiently,

To see you in the

Words you’ll write,

Across my PC screen……..

For a few hours every day,

In front of our computer screens,

We meet up,

We get lost,

And escape reality….


8 thoughts on “Screen Time

    • Thanks so much Catherine..that means a lot. It amazes me that last fall I ‘couldnt’ even write, afraid to try. Now it seems I’m always trying to ‘write’ something in my head!!! lol 😄

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