The Sandbox Writing Challenge Review #3 & Part 4 Loosening Up Exercises

OK….Here in the Sandbox, we’re hitting another milestone with review #3! 

So for this week we’re going to review the last 11 prompts we’ve done since February 23rd (unless, of course, you want to review MORE than that). Then we will tackle the Loosening Up Exercise for Part 4 of Roberta Allen’s book The Playful Way to Knowing Yourself.

1. Take time now to go and look over the exercises you’ve done then answer these questions:
 Did any of your answers surprise you? Why? My blog post for Challenge #28 All By Myself was an eye opener especially when I added the photo and really saw mysef ‘disconnected’ …..

And my post for Challenge #30 My Gift To You was a hard one to write, yet the words came easily….

2. Is there any exercise that felt more charged than others? If you’d like, carry on with that post and share your additions with us. Again, my post for My Gift To You…a mother is suppose to protect and love their child, unconditionally….as I’ve gone through these challenges and learned just how ‘starved’ I was of that, and how it affected me and my choices throughout my life, has been major for me….finally figuring this stuff out is liberating….

3. Were there any exercises that felt incomplete to you? If so, complete them now. Stop when your energy is spent. Then please share them with us. No…..I think I hit all the points I needed to.

4. What insights about yourself (if any) came to light in these last 11 exercises? I’m realizing that digging in this sandbox has been an amazing, therapuetic experience for me, and the more digging I do, the more I uncover, the lighter I become!!!!

Loosening Up Exercises

What Feelings Describe You?

1. Positive

2. Blessed

3. Peaceful

4. Contentment

5. Determined

6. Hopeful

7. Concerned

What habits describe you?

1. Every morning, as I get out of bed, I lay my hand on my grandpa’s bible and say good morning to him and grandma…I say good night the same way, and any time I walk in my room for anything, I touch it then as well.

2. I play the same numbers every week in the lottery.

3. I Need Coffee….

4. I shower every morning, and every night

5. I meditate every day

6. I talk to my youngest daughter every day

What Beliefs Describe You?

1. We are all connected

2. I know they’re watching over me

3. Toxic people suck the life out of you

4. Only you can decide and choose to make the changes needed to better your life.

5. Nature is my church

6. A good positive attitude is harder to work at than a negative one, but worth the effort. 

7. The power has always been inside of you

What Else Describes You?

1. Strong

2. Sunshine 

3.  Optimistic

4. Freak (in a good way!) 😄

5. Spiritual 

6. Unsure


10 thoughts on “The Sandbox Writing Challenge Review #3 & Part 4 Loosening Up Exercises

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  2. Wonderful reflective post, Linda.. Digging in this sandbox is really helping you a lot.. me too! I love your list of beliefs.. and the bible touching and saying hello and good night to your grandparents is so endearing. This is just simply a beautiful, well thought out post 🙂

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