My Future Is NOW

Poetry, Day Ten: Future
Could it be our last day of Intro to Poetry already?! Let’s keep our spirits up by focusing on whatever it is that’s coming next. Whether it’s about tomorrow, next October, or the year 2345, let today’s poem be inspired by your vision of the future. (Fears, hopes, and plans are equally acceptable, of course. As are robots!) Feeling especially saucy at the end of this journey? Finish the course on a high note by experimenting with the king of poetic forms, the sonnet — a 14-verse poem (rhymed — or not) expressing one unified thought or emotion. Sonnets can get a bit technical (it’s part of the fun!), so you’re invited to learn more about them on our poetry resource page.

Gave a Sonnet a shot……


My thoughts of the future
Are minimal at best…
I don’t spend much time there
Preferring the present tense…
Living life in the Now
Is how I choose to be…
Instead of worrying and stressing
About a time that’s still a mystery…

What the future holds for me
Only time will tell…
In the meantime,
I’m living life hour to hour,
Day by day,
And I’m choosing to Live it well!








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