Smilin’ πŸ˜„ and Cryin’ πŸ˜­

Ok….I know it’s Tuesday…..But Fim over at The Monday Music Medicine Show is back up and running…this week it’s all about Contrasting Songs.….she serenaded us with some Daniel Powter (who I love..btw!). As for me…I was beating my head against the wall when all of a sudden…..this came on…and it well,,made me Smile….

…….and then I was Crying

4 thoughts on “Smilin’ πŸ˜„ and Cryin’ πŸ˜­

  1. LOVE Uncle Kracker! Been a fan for a long time, and Chris Isaak, *swoon*
    Great contrasting music and additions to The Monday Music Medicine Show!!! Always a pleasure to see you at the ‘Show.’ πŸ™‚

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