On a deserted stretch of beach

I slowly walk..alone.

Loneliness escapes me

With the elements I am home.

I am one with the Earth,

The Sea and the Sky.

 Linked by unseen fibers

I do not question why.

A connection is what I feel,

I sense and I believe.

As I hear my name,

Quietly sung,

By the waves and ocean breeze.

The music of the sea

Is calling me home 

Peacefully I walk along

The shores of home, alone.


27 thoughts on “Home…Alone

    • It’s been a bit depressing Bernadette…but the sun is still shining in my soul AND it looks like all we need to do is get through tomorrow and the sun should be shining down upon us once again!!! 😄☔️☀️

    • It’s so funny you should say that C…..we were talking yesterday…or I Was 😆. I was saying that I’m not sure if land locking myself is the right thing to do for myself….if and when the opportunity presents itself, we can always make our first journey a coastal one…keeping me in close proximity to the sea…..

      • You know there’s something about walking outside and looking up at the mountains here that expands my breath. I can tell the heavens are really HIGH up there so I have plenty of room to breathe. But as much as I miss the green of the east and like to go home for a visit (Ohio), when I get there I feel like the sky is sitting right on top of me. I’ve had a couple anxiety attacks because of that back there. I feel sometimes like I’m suffocating. Especially when it’s 95 degrees and 90% humidity. I don’t function well in that. I need the dry heat here. That’s why I was wondering how it would affect you.

      • I’ve been up north..to Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire and love the mountains…we camped for years up there when the kids were younger,,,but we always had the coastline at some point………if/when our opportunity comes, I’ll point us in the direction that feels right to me at the time!!!!

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