Saturday Serenade….A Happy Anniversary Dedication ๐ŸŽค

Today, my youngest daughter Kristen and her Husband Joseph are celebrating their 5th Wedding  Anniversary Today……..

So, today’s selection is their wedding song….Kristen has loved this song ever since she was a little girl of 6, and first heard and saw it sung by Alison Krauss on CMT. As soon as she would hear the music,,she would plant herself in front of the tv, and sway back and forth…โค๏ธ……..

Here are 3 versions,,only one missing is Joseph’s sisters version…she sang it for them….

Christina singing When You Say Nothing At All to Kristen and Joseph

Here’s Alison’s version…..1995

…and here is Keith Whitleys version from 1988

And Ronan Keatings version….1999


10 thoughts on “Saturday Serenade….A Happy Anniversary Dedication ๐ŸŽค

  1. That is one of my FAVORITE songs. I LOVE the “Notting Hill” soundtrack. Congrats to them. Stef and Jesse’s 10th was yesterday. (The other song I love on their is Elvis Costello’s “She.”

  2. I never heard this one before. I liked both Keith’s and Ronan’s versions. I recognized Ronan, only thought he’d been with Westlife, but googled him, and found he was with Boyzone. This is a beautiful song! Love getting turned on to new tunes!
    Happy Anniversary to the happy couple!

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