Oddball Beach Stuff 

Sunday is Funday over at Cee’s,,,for the Oddball Photo Challenge

My contributions are beach related…

thinking redneck buoys

this was a bit disconcerting…broken up piece of luggage 😁

tidal pool of baby clams

Baby clams moving! 


16 thoughts on “Oddball Beach Stuff 

      • Good for you. I’m planning to take a trash bag on a walk with me one of these days and pick up junk in the park. To be fair, it’s rarely along the path from people walking/running/biking, but back in the forest, often be the river, from people drinking and partying there.

      • This part of Assateague is probably 4 miles from the public beach….the park just opened it to those who have an OSV sticker, which entitles us to drive on the beach…the stuff I find there, who knows where it washes in from…just a small sampling of what’s floating out at sea ☹️

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