Thursday’s Tanka Musing…

My Dear Friend, Lady Calen (I call her C for short 😊), over at Impromptu Promptlings, kinda sorta ‘challenged’ me to give writing a tanka a try. So, what’s a tanka? 

noun, plural tankas, tanka. Prosody.

1.a Japanese poem consisting of 31 syllables in 5 lines, with 5 syllables in the first and third lines and 7 in the others.

I decided to give it a shot while my hair was ‘baking’ aka: waiting for the color to set ☺️

Step by step I walk

         At low tide along the beach

      I release my pain

           To the power of the sea

               Peace is given back to me 



17 thoughts on “Thursday’s Tanka Musing…

  1. Beautiful, Linda! I’m very called to the sea, to the healing powers of the powerful ocean waves. It always astounded me that such a powerful force could make you feel such ease. Just beautiful xoxo

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