My Friendship With The Sea 🌊

My beautiful friend Raili, over at Soul Gifts, is keeping The Circle Of Friends going…though, instead of a weekly prompt, it will be mid-monthly ……she’s given us some interesting prompts and ideas for this months challenge……I was having a hard time till I read something she wrote to Lady Calen:  The friendship context in this theme extends beyond friendships with people to include – well, everything. Our friendships with the earth, with the animals, with nature, with society, with infrastructures………when she put it that way…the most obvious answer came to me…..

My Friendship/Kinship with the sea..

My soul strolls are an important part of my life….whether it’s the beach or a trail…BUT…..The sea plays a major role in my everyday life…she touches me in all aspects of it…My spiritual health, my emotional/mental well-being as well as my physical self….

She’s ‘There’ for me…….

She is my friend……

I know she’ll listen without fail

She won’t interrupt me in order

To tell her tale…..

I can unload, the load I carry

Whether it’s happy or sad

Angry or stressed out

Or just a mixed bag…

Regardless the weather

She’s always there

With just the right ‘answers’

That handle me with care………


Holding a shell upon my heart, I say Thank You for listening….for hearing…and responding 🐚

9 thoughts on “My Friendship With The Sea 🌊

  1. Ah Linda – this is just perfect, and perfectly reflective of you 🙂 It’s been quite a challenge this time! I’ve had my own struggles with it – but found inspiration yesterday from another blogger’s site, so will be doing my own post today.:) Hope your weekend is awesome!

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