Natures Inspiration…The Sandbox Writing Challenge

Alrighty now…….time for some more digging over at The Sandbox Writing Challenge. This weeks challenge………

Lighting Up Your World….What Inspires You?

Quite honestly…these words just spilled out of me without much thought?!?! Pretty cool actually!!! 😊
What Inspires Me……

It’s the sound of the sea

It’s the salt in the air

It’s the mist on the ocean

It’s the Suns blinding glare…

It’s dragonfly wings

Dancing on the breeze

Bringing me answers

To all my inquiries…

The look of wonder

In my grandchildrens eyes

When presented with the magic

That nature provides…

What inspires me…what lights up my world…..

It’s the light of the rising sun

And its promise of a new day…

That gifts me with the chance

To live my life, my way…..


Getting To Know Me 😊

Seems it’s been a while since I’ve participated in Cees Share Your World..and as I’m sitting here with a beautiful breeze, listening to the distant thunder, waiting on it to storm, I thought I’d jump in once again!!! 😄

This weeks questions are……..

How many languages do you speak? Sadly, only one. Sign and German are on my radar to learn…just because.

What are some words that just make you smile? Dragonfly…Believe….zip a dee doo dah

If you were the original architect of one existing building, which building would you select? This may not constitute a ‘building’ per se…but not only would I loved to have built it, but I’d love to live in it!! The Originial Swiss Family Robinson Tree House 😊

photo source : pinterest

Would you rather have telepathy or telekinesis?  Hmmmmm…either would work.
Bonus question: What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up? Last week, I’m grateful for the celebration of 12 years of being married to my BFF ❤️

I’m looking forward to finishing the book Writing Down Your Soul so I can begin this new aspect of writing and the discoveries waiting to be uncovered.

Summer Solstice 2016 ☀️

Strawberry moon to the left of me (kinda) sun rising to the right (kinda),,,but I’m happily stuck in the middle 😄

With the rising of the sun

I greet Summer Solstice.

As the dawn sky brightens

In colors of pinks, oranges and blues…

I embrace the warmth

That rejuvenates my Spirit…


I Am Filled with  Wonder

I Am Filled with Love

I Am at Peace…

Good Morning from my ‘Uncomfort Zone 😁

While Strolling this morning…I had a million and one things running through my head…can you say Monkey Mind?! 🙉 One conversation I had with myself was about unplugging from social media…..Again! The negativity, the ugliness and just plain ole offensive stuff that’s been popping up in my newsfeed lately has finally taken its toll….I’ve unfollow and defriended, but it’s just time for a break……another thought was, what kind of baby steps can I take to step out of my comfort zone?!?! That’s when it hit me,  make a little hello video………… that’s what I did……this was taken roughly 6-6:15ish this morning….mind you I’ve been up since 2:30!! I’m babbling of course, but I did it, and I’m sharing…….😄😄😄😄😄