Being Accountable Is The Right Thing To Do….

I’ve actually got a few minutes of quiet time….so I’m making a be-line for the Sandbox Writing Challenge to tackle this weeks prompt….I knew exactly where I was going as soon as I read this……


First of all, I’d like to say that I really do work hard at being a good, kind person and not judge folks….we all know it’s not exactly nice to ‘assume’ things……but with that said………….

Those folks out there who never own up to the choices that they make..the BAD Choices..those folks, no matter how old they may be, who refuse accountability for their actions/choices. You know, the ones who hide behind the fact that they had a horrible childhood….be it their parents drank, or they were abused….whatever. Even as adults, they hide behind their past as their excuse for the poor choices they make while they mess up their lives and/or hurt others……………….your an adult!! You know the difference between right and wrong…blaming your rotten childhood for the poor choices you make as an adult doesn’t cut it!!! Poor choices do not equal mistakes….2+3=6 is a mistake……………… irks the hell out of me to hear people blame their past. My past sucked!! I made some really poor choices that hurt many people. I hurt my ex, I hurt my children and the ripple effect of some of my actions and choices reached beyond them……….it was not my parents lack of love….it was not being molested…it was not being beaten that MADE me make any of those choices….I knew what I was doing, I knew it was wrong, I knew I was hurting those closest to me, but I was blinded by my own needs and self pity……I Made some really Bad, Poor Choices. I owned up to what I did…I apologized to those I needed to…………

So, I do look down on those who refuse to be accountable for their actions…….my rant is over!!!

Quote Photo Credit: Afternarcissisticabuse


15 thoughts on “Being Accountable Is The Right Thing To Do….

  1. Well I look down on all the vicious mindless morons wh
    They are scum.o are destroying the planet for their own greed. Those who chop trees, kill animals and particularly those who give the orders or purchase the products.
    I look down on the exploiters and users. I look down on the violent, aggressive and those who posture and pose. They are scum.

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  3. Yes, I agree totally with this one.
    I cannot bear to listen to people use excuses for why they act like shitty people.
    One would assume that by the age of say…thirty…you would have some sense of how your own choices have influenced where your life is, right?

  4. I enjoyed your post. It’s a rant I take very personally. In a totally good sence. It’s so easy to blame poor decisions on external influence, past experiences, other people. But if the latter were on object of that same kind of poor treatment that the passed on then we can’t really blame them either, right? Because they basically did the same thing that we do. I’m including myself here, as you will notice. I’ve recently started trying (because it’s hard) to own my past, to make peace with it, even though not all of my experiences were pleasant. A lot of them were, and I have achieved a lot, not despite but because of them. So, owning them and becoming the subject of your own life, not an object of someone else’s seems truly promising to me. It’s a lot of hard work, because if you can’t blame others for your shortcomings you gotta up the game yourself πŸ™‚

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