Love Being A Nana….

With my family visiting, my WP time was put on hold. As much as I wanted to try and fit it in, My Nana/Mom time took precedence. My son and his family’s 10 day visit flew by in a flash…….the weather was extremely hot and humid…so beach time was limited as my son is allergic to the extreme heat…we spent a lot of time poolside in the yard…ate a ton of seafood and BBQ…and just hung out. As my son says, no agenda makes for the best vacays….

After a good cry as I watched them pull away, I cleaned both houses, then this exhausted nana spent the remainder of the day floating in the pool…quiet pool I may add…LOL 


11 thoughts on “Love Being A Nana….

  1. Can’t believe how quickly those days have gone by. The Baby has grown so much, no wonder the tears were shed at the end – lovely Family Linda. What you need now is a good rest, feet up for a while. Thanks for sharing the pics of your precious Grandchildren.

  2. You survived and thrived! It’s difficult having guests, even when they’re your kiddos. Not just for the visitees (is that the right word?) but for the visitors as well. I’m so glad this was a special time for you all. Your family is growing, girl! Your role as Nana is gettin’ bigger!

    • I survived C!!!! Next up…Grandbaby #6! 😊
      Even with them staying across the street (Emily stayed here with us) it’s still chaotic….Brad comes down here to see me…so the only time they were across the street was to sleep….small house with a rambunctious 2 1/2 ….. And a happy (most of the time) 2 1/2 month old makes for a tired Nana! lol

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