Dragonfly Wishes and Kisses

After a busy 10 days with my son and his family, Sunday was a down day for me. By 11 a.m. I was floating in my pool ( water temp. 91 degrees! Perfect). I was laying on my float, gazing up at the sky, enjoying the quietness of the day, when all,of a sudden, not one, but two dragonflies came into view, dancing and hovering overhead. I knew who they were in an

instant, and couldn’t help but smile and enjoy their company. They hung around all afternoon…disappearing periodically, only to return. …….. Got out of the pool,for a bit and when I returned, the smaller of the two was in the pool. I quickly got my skimmer net and rescued the poor thing before it ingested to much pool water. Jim took the following picture for me………

Dragonfly Wishes

Walking through the marshy

grasses and reeds,

I see you…

Darting and dancing on the breeze.

Iridescent wings

Sparkle in the light,

A living flash of color

In harmonious flight.

I watch in amazement

As you hover near,

I feel your wings fluttering

As you whisper in my ear.

I hold my breath

And listen,

I can barely hear a sound…

But it’s Dragonfly Wishes

That reach deep deep down…

Down to my Soul

My spirit is set free

By my Dragonfly Wishes

One, two, three………


I wrote this poem last fall, and thought I’d share it again ❤️

Dragonfly Source: The Day I saw A Dragonfly


11 thoughts on “Dragonfly Wishes and Kisses

  1. Your dragon flys came to give you a lift when you needed it. How wonderful! Whenever I have a hard decision to make my hawk makes an appearance and reassures me.

  2. Where is the love button??? After my husband died, a dragonfly lit on the antenna of my VW Beetle, which was originally meant to be his, but with a little teasing, became mine! I later parked the car in the garage during the winter. The next spring I happened to leave my car out and what did I see on the antenna again!?? A dragonfly. I love them. I loved your photos and your poem!!

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