Day 5 Of My Meditation Journey 🙏 Rising Above Old Conditioning

Well, Day 5 of my 21- Day Meditation Experience is all about getting my brain on board!😄

Day 5 – Rising Above Your Old Conditioning

“We first make our habits, and then our habits make us.” – John Dryden

In today’s meditation, we learn that our old conditioning isn’t just mental, it’s also physical and shows itself as unconscious brain responses. If we let our conditioned brains be in charge, we remain stuck in old, predictable patterns. We become biological robots. To break free of this habitual behavior we need to cultivate self-awareness. In meditation we recognize our true self to be ever-present awareness, and in this self-knowing, we become free from the conditioned responses of our minds and bodies.


Getting the brain on board is something that I am continuously working at. I FEEL in my heart what I need and want to do,,but I always let those doubts and thoughts that are keeping me stuck get the best of me…….I’m setting my intention to take charge of my thoughts..and turn the self doubt talk into positive reinforcement that I Know what’s best for me and I Believe in the path I’m setting for myself!!!! 


Aieem Namah

I am Nature’s creativity and intelligence.


11 thoughts on “Day 5 Of My Meditation Journey 🙏 Rising Above Old Conditioning

  1. I’ve been doing the challenge too, and for the first time, been keeping up with the days! I need to make it a priority that when the school year begins again to find time to meditate, if only for my own sanity.

    • I’m enjoying it. I’ve found even 5 minutes can make a difference. I use the Insight Timer App..there are so many different meditations to choose from,,or you can just use the timer and listen to the ocean 😊😊

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