Say No To Hate…Sandbox Writing Challenge

Alrighty now. Our latest installment over at the Sandbox Writing Challenge we were asked the question…..


I actually had something written out, but then the latest shootings happened…as I Soul Strolled this morning I decided to do this……

I hadn’t planned in doing the video when I ventured out on my mornings Soul Stroll..which is kinda obvious as I had no idea what I was really going to say…I just sort of rolled with it and hope it kinda makes some sort of sense?!?!?!  I had to cut it short as it takes forever to download to YouTube………so, as I was saying……..

There’s lots I don’t understand..Hate being one to them….as I referenced in the video, I can feel disdain, dislike…but hate…that just sucks to much energy and light from Spirit.  Even disdain and dislike..when I do feel it, I try very hard to let it go real quickly…’s to short to waste it on such feelings………..and, as I referenced in the video, I was molested by my stepfather. I have dealt with it throughout this Sandbox Challenge, in a very positive way… much so that I did a Google search for him….and found him. I wasn’t sure how or what I would feel when I saw his face after 43+ years…..but truth be told, when I did see that face, there was no hate, there was no anger, there was no fear…….I looked at that face and what I saw was an old man…one that couldn’t hurt me anymore….what I did feel was empowered, because he didn’t win. He may have stolen my innocence, but I turned out to be stronger then I ever thought………In place of hate, I’d forgiven……..

It’s easier to hate….but all that hate does is diminish your life and takes away your inner light and spark………I choose Love. I choose acceptance. I choose forgivenessπŸ™

Hate I just don’t understand 

Photo Source: Theodysseyonline


19 thoughts on “Say No To Hate…Sandbox Writing Challenge

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  2. “It’s easier to hate….but all that hate does is diminish your life and takes away your inner light and spark………” I can’t tell you how much I love that sentiment. I totally agree. And I’m so proud of you for daring to look up your SF’s picture. What an awesome step to take. Girl, you are so my hero! (And the video was such a treat!!!) ❀ ❀ ❀

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  4. Awesome post and video! I so agree with your view on Hate. It is an awful word that sucks all positivity away and hurts your soul. I was taught to not say this word and all the negative strong emotions it evokes…putting that out to the universe is a horrible thing. You are an inspiration on your journey and I send much love, peace and positive vibrations out to you!

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