Sacred Is……

This week, over in the Sandbox Writing Challenge, we are asked………


The obvious answers come to mind

  • My children
  • My grandchildren
  • My husband
  • This life I’m blessed to live
  • Sunrises
  • My soul strolls…….

The list could go on and on…… while sitting on my porch, sipping coffee and listening to the world wake up, this tanka came to be…….and Calen, here’s a word cloud for you!! 😊

To Me Sacred..Is

Alone with nature

Barefoot, wild, and free to be

Myself in my world

Of soft dragonfly whispers 

Amid the song of the sea….


11 thoughts on “Sacred Is……

  1. Of soft dragonfly whispers
    Amid the song of the sea….

    That is so gorgeous! I’m jealous! And how in the world did you get the word cloud to put Dragonfly in the middle and use more words? Did you use a different site?

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