Summer Lovin’ 2016 Continues…..☀️

Alrighty…SOULSEAKER’s Summer Lovin Continues with Days 19 & 20!

Day 19: Music…this is the best symphony for me 🎼

Day 20: Shell…While on my Soul Strolls, I am always on the lookout for ‘special shells’ that speak only to me……more often than not, the perfectly ‘imperfect’ ones speak the loudest 🐚

8 thoughts on “Summer Lovin’ 2016 Continues…..☀️

  1. Love the heart!! We love the imperfect ones too. We look for ones that have letter-like erosion to them, to spell out words and names. There’s beauty, and tales, in those imperfections. 😃

  2. I’m telling ya, it sounds JUST LIKE THAT in the womb. It HAS to! We’re surrounded by water sloshing back and forth! That’s why it sounds so familiar and comforting.

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