Day 12 Of My Meditation Journey🙏

Day 12 of the 21-Day Meditation Experience was a good one…Welcoming Change!!!

Day 12 – Welcoming Change Is Natural

“Being fully present is being awake to the movement and creation of life, being alive to the process of life itself.” – Pema Chodron

Even if we feel our lives are stuck in a rut, the truth is that life is still constantly changing. This element of change is what makes life interesting, creative, and new. We resist change because we mistakenly look for security in the past. Today’s meditation is about letting go of this resistance to the flow of life and finding wisdom and security in living in the ever-present now, which is our essential nature.


That word…CHANGE. 6 simple letters that have the capacity to scare the hell out of us! I’d like to think, for the most part, that I do embrace the changes that occur in my life. I strive to live my life believing that everything that happens, happens for my greater good…even if it doesn’t seem that way at the moment…….am I always successful? Of course not…but I don’t fear change as I once did….fearing it, isn’t going to stop it from happening……

When Soul Strolling on the beach..changes are all around me…the landscape of the beach is never the same…nor is the sky, as in the photo above. The morning sun was beating down on my for most of my stroll…while heading back, this cloud shrouded the sun..changing the dynamic of what I saw and what I felt…but in a good way………

Changes are a ‘coming. Of that there is no doubt…..while I’m waiting for those changes, I’m living in the moment. Namaste🙏


Ahrah Kahrah

I invoke the creativity of the universe in my life.

2 thoughts on “Day 12 Of My Meditation Journey🙏

  1. For the most part I’m on board with this one, but I disagree with this statement: We resist change because we mistakenly look for security in the past. I would hazard a guess that is simply not true for millions of people who did not find security in their past for any number of awful reasons. I think resistance to change goes much deeper than that. I’d say the top of the list would be fear of the unknown. I’m not comfortable with blanket statements that assume everyone is coming from the same place. I think our world’s fascination with psychology just wants to pigeon hole everyone into neat little categories. But we’re all unique. Does that make sense?

    • Yes it makes sense….and I’m sure many do do that….
      Im last person who would look or holds on to any security from my past……….

      Our journeys as well as our interpretations are and will be different..

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