Day 18 -Of My Meditation Journey 🙏

Day 18 of the 21-Day Meditation Experience shares with us the idea of Expanding others awareness…..

Day 18 – Expanding Other People’s Awareness

“The best teachers show you where to look, but don’t tell you what to see.” – Alexandra K. Trenfor

As we experience greater joy and ease in our lives, it is natural to want to share this experience of expanded awareness with others. But even well-intentioned sharing can feel intrusive and unwelcome if it doesn’t build on the other person’s own curiosity and interest. Today’s meditation shows us that the best way to share the gift of expanded awareness is to simply let your awareness speak for itself, and then respond to other people’s curiosity and interest accordingly.


I’m not one to push my ideas on anyone….what works for me may not work for you……I know I don’t always appreciate someone’s 2-cents….over the years, I’ve been told how I should be feeling, how I should be changing…that if I do things this way, I’ll feel that way….that my way is the wrong way……YADA YADA YADA…….

If someone approaches and/or asks how I’ve come to be ‘in this place’, I’ll try and answer as honestly as I can… I’ve said in the past, some folks get me, most don’t…LOL I’ve tried to explain to some and I’ll see that look in their eyes that tells me they think I’m Way Out There! 

But if someone truly is interested and wants to ‘change’ … The most I can do is share my experience and then it’s up to them to adhere to their own journeys……
This is my second 21 Day Meditation Experience with Deepak and Oprah that I’ve participated in. Like the first one, I’ve been sharing my ‘experiences’, with the hope that it will help someone else……..The first go round was enlightening and I got a lot out of it. This time around..not as much. I’m finding myself not as open,,or shall I say, I find myself disagreeing with some of the ideas presented. In a funny way,,I feel Empowered by the fact that I’m not seeing things in the same light as the so called ‘experts’…instead seeing them through my eyes and Accepting that seeing them my way is OK!!! Hmmmmmmm…….maybe I Am getting more out of this than I thought!!!!! Namaste 🙏


Om Karuna Namah

My true nature is compassion.

13 thoughts on “Day 18 -Of My Meditation Journey 🙏

  1. I think it shows you’ve grown immensely since the last one. And you have become empowered. It’s your journey. Do it YOUR way, like Frank Sinatra!!! ❤

    I love that quote. That's exactly the way Plato is. 😀

  2. You HAVE stepped into your own power. That’s awesome!
    I, umm, have a *confession* to make. I’ve tagged you as the next in line for the Haiku Challenge -
    Pretty please 🙂

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