My Dream ✨

Woke up early this morning, fresh from a dream………

You came to me this morning,

Yes, it was only a dream…

But what a surprise to ‘see’ you,

You were so real, it seemed.

I lifted my head,

There you were,

In your arms I ran……

I breathed you in,

And then I cried,

“I’ve missed you so,”

You looked down at me,

You grinned.

I told you that I speak to you

Each and every day..

You replied, 

“Yes, I know,

I hear every word you say.”

You said “I’ve been waiting

For this moment for a while,”

You squeezed me tight

More tears fell,

Yet we both wore smiles.

I woke up from that dream,

My face still wet with tears.

Feeling calm and peaceful

Then I whispered a little prayer.

You Gifted me a visit

A Blessing, I Believe.

Knowing you hear and listen

Grandpa ,

Means the world to me.


18 thoughts on “My Dream ✨

      • Linda, my Father came to me just after my First Son, Jonathan, was Born. I woke to hear a Bird I thought trapped in the bedroom, my first instinct was to look to the Baby in the cot beside our bed and then my eyes were drawn to the bottom of the cot as I looked up there was Daddy who had died the year before. Daddy was smiling down at the Baby I was not frightened just felt so right. I looked to the Baby and as I looked back for Daddy it was just the sound of a bird again, He was gone. Always remember it, not a Dream but Real as yours was, So Special So Precious.

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