Livin’ On Island Time

This popped up in my FB memories β˜€οΈI posted this 7 years ago!

The note above prompted me to write this little poem 😊


Life on an island

Is a blessing to me…..

It’s helped me to heal

It’s helped me to grow

It’s helped me to open my eyes

And to Sea.


seashell whispers 🐚

18 thoughts on “Livin’ On Island Time

  1. Incredible Sea Shells. That saying “write your worries down in the sand and watch the waves wash them away” reminds me of a Russian tale I heard once, all these neighbours came out of their homes to hang their clothes out, all complaining, and one Russian old Lady said “stop complaining, the one who hangs out the most, has the most to worry about” and one by one they hung their clothes out and were so grateful they had the least to worry about.

    “Be Thankful” hit home with me. Great Post Linda.

  2. Wonderful extension to your previous post. Love that advice – write your worries down in the sand and watch them wash away. I think the seashore is a perfect environment for bringing you into the carefree moment. I’d add fly a kite, feel the sand shift between your toes, inhale the aroma, and dunk – even if it is for one freezing moment!

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