Plugging Plato … A Story Worth Sharing 

This morning’s Soul Stroll was beautiful and much needed…..I also had an alterior motive for taking off alone. I left my hubby fishing and off I went. I had made a ‘date’ with Platosgroove.  Plato has written a wonderful Story..entitled The Princess and The Dragonfly. When I read it last winter, with each passing sentence, I could feel my heart beating faster and faster. I could have sworn Plato had gotten inside my head, that he had written this story just for me. Obviously that’s not the case, but he pulled me in to his world!

The reason for this ‘date’ ?!  Plato has started an audio version of The Princess and The Dragonfly. I had all I could do NoT to listen to chapter 1 until I got to the beach. I’m so glad I waited.,it was the perfect place to sit, be still and let Plato’s voice and words take me to another place……………… pay him a visit and let yourself be taken away 😊

The Princess and The Dragonfly took me away


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