Trees in Black & White

It has been ages since I’ve participated in Cees Black & White Photo Challenge and this weeks subject is a favorite of mine….Trees 

“The tree which moves some to tears of joy is in the eyes of others only a green thing that stands in the way. Some see nature all ridicule and deformity… and some scarce see nature at all. But to the eyes of the man of imagination, nature is imagination itself.”  ~William Blake~

lone tree on the beach

dead tree wrapped with washed up fishing net

looking up

always loved this shot!

What I’ve Learned via The Sandbox Writing Challenge 

Well. We’ve come to the last prompt of The Sandbox Writing Challenge….the final prompt asking…….


Lady Calen Put it to us this way………What Would I Like To Leave Behind? What little gems did I find while I was in digging mode?!

What Little Gems Did I Uncover While I Was Digging….

When I embarked on this journey, I had no idea what I would uncover. What I did find was the biggest treasure of all…..I found MYSELF………While digging writing each week, I discovered and unearthed parts of me that I never knew about and or had forgotten about….each week, with each prompt, I became more honest with myself……..

….if one person can gleam a small glimmer of hope through the sharing of my story…if one person can say to themselves, ” I see myself in Linda’s words” …… If one person realizes that just because you’ve been broken, doesn’t mean you can’t put yourself back together., then I feel as though my story has made a small difference……………….

for even though I may never be ‘whole’ again, I embrace my cracks and let my light shine……….

I Embrace My Cracks…They’re My Proof Of My Strength And Survival

I discovered I/we all deserve to be loved for who we are. It’s no fault of our own if those who should love us unconditionally, can’t. That is their own short-coming and only they have ownership of that. I discovered I Am Worthy Of Love and I’ve learned the biggest lesson of all…Self Love Matters!!! So give yourself a huge hug today And everyday!!


I’ve learned to forgive. I’ve forgiven my abuser, I’ve forgiven my parents, my ex……forgiving doesn’t necessarily mean forgetting, nor does it let those I’ve forgiven off the hook. Forgiving helps to lighten my load. And just as important as it is to forgive others…..I’ve forgiven myself….I know it may sound like a cliche, but forgiving does heal and it does set you free………so no more beating myself up for the incredibly selfish, stupid choices I made in the past…….. Forgive Yourself!

So, what is it I hope to leave behind?! The knowledge that You Matter. That You Are Loved. To not give up on yourself. Your journey is worth taking. Confront the ghosts of the past, give them hell, and then send them packing…….do it for yourself, because you are worth it.

Photo Source: Little Girl Hugs
Photo Source: Nelson Mandela
Photo Source:Quote

Making The Most Of My Monday 🙃

There are good days. There are bad days. Then you’ve got those in between kinda days. You know the ones. When you can’t seem to stop dropping things, or you keep bumping into that dang table every time you walk by it. And the worse of the worse, spill your coffee!!!! YIKES! 😱

But, regardless of what kind of day it is, I keep on moving forward as I continue on this journey of mine. I pick up that which I’ve dropped. I make sure to give the table all the room it needs……and I wipe up the spilled coffee (no crying over spilt coffee!) and pour myself another ☕️
Those are the kinda days a Soul Stroll works its magic!!!!!

………….and as I move forward throughout my day, I’ll be grateful I have those things to drop. That I have a table to place each meal on…..and I’ve got my favorite 2 lb..bag of 8 O’clock Coffee to make another pot!!!

My Morning Musing ☀️

I Believe….

Each new sunrise, each new day

Is a Miracle.

I choose to believe and celebrate

The gifts of infinity…

Just as I am touched by the positive flow of others………….

 I go about my day with the hope, that the conscious choices I make,

will help

Cause a positive flow in the lives of the folks who happen to be in the

wake of those 

oncoming positive waves…………..hey, if your gonna get hit with a

wave, may as well make the 

best of !! 😄