A New…..And Improved Me 

So, before we dive into another book over at the SANDBOX WRITING CHALLENGE, our prompt this week comes from Raili, over at SOULGIFTS. Be sure to pop on over and pay her a visit, she’s pretty cool! 😊


Raili’s prompt fits quite well with what we just finished up. It expounds a bit on the question, What actions might you take now that you wouldn’t have taken before? So here’s Raili’s prompt!

I turned my mind to this with the help of the Mythic Oracle cards. No 18, Poseidon the earth shaker turned up. Interesting. “old structures that are no longer useful to you are breaking down and a new knowledge is removing the foundations on which you’ve built your current place in life… truth is the old foundations no longer serve you… a new land will be revealed in time… This is a time of clearing – the old house has burned to the ground and it is time to build a new one. … this is an incredibly exciting time full of new opportunities and possibilities. Enjoy it. Ride the waves into a new phase of your life.” Prompt: A new me.

What are the endings and beginnings needed for your “new me” to be birthed? ` Describe the qualities, attributes, and beliefs of a “new me”.

Over the course of this past year, the ‘Old Me’ has slowly given way to the ‘Me’ I Am Now… cleansed and purged and put back together in such a way that I can now move forward….moving forward enjoying life with an open heart. Instead of blocked energy dragging me down……the love that I’ve rediscovered flows freely. Those old, hurtful memories, all the pain, they came to the surface, were dealt with and released…..the ‘old me’ would have continued to hold on to all that toxicity that was preventing me from truly living…….the ‘new me’ prefers letting it go, unleashing the negativity, hurt, pain and betrayal, and choosing to live…….

As for endings…..is there really such a thing?! The ‘end’ of this part of the SBC has brought me acceptance of what was……it has brought me forgiveness. It has given me a new set of ‘eyes’, and a new perspective, as I continue on this journey…..now that all the ugly ‘stuff’ is out of the way..I can now tackle that inner voice of mine, the part of me that, for whatever reason, keeps whispering little snippets of self-doubt….I’ll work on silencing those negative whispers, while allowing myself to work, accept and acknowledge those positive attributes I know I have…….I need to believe in myself the way others do…why is it, that when someone pays me a compliment on my photos or my writings, or anything for that matter, I have the tendency to downplay the compliment instead of graciously accepting it?!?!?! Why can’t I see what they see!?!?!?

Well……the journey definetly continues!!!! 

The mosaic tiles of my life will never be ‘set’, will never be unmovable….the New Me, and no doubt the occasional appearance of the ‘old me’ will continue on this journey, and ‘together’ we’ll move some more of those ’tiles’ around…….YEP….I’ve Got This 👊👊👊👊👊👊


New me Quote..source


23 thoughts on “A New…..And Improved Me 

  1. “…now that all the ugly ‘stuff’ is out of the way..I can now tackle that inner voice of mine, the part of me that, for whatever reason, keeps whispering little snippets of self-doubt…” This makes so much sense to me. I don’t know Linda. I sense a coming together of something “creative” for you. These last two blog posts have shown such a wonderful depth of understanding. I’m just kind of sitting here nodding yes as I read…

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  4. We are born anew each moment but sometimes there is a moment which bears a decision that changes everything, within which is a new awareness out of which we change course.

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