Autumnal meditation

This just screamed Share ….. Autumnally Awesome!!! 🍁🍂🙏

The ancient eavesdropper

like a leaf —
with your
face planted
on earth —
find the
roots of
your peace.

my path —
leaf —
my heart
skips a beat.

Wind flurries &
flailing limbs —
a tree’s futile act
as leaves





Discarded &
downtrodden —
tattered edges
& fading colors —
leaves renew
their luster.

puddle jump
like hydrophilic

12243507_10100586299518096_5501346782945669161_nA jumble
of sounds
litter the
forest floor —
with life —
of foliage.

of countless
from canopies
onto life’s
final stage.

A break in the rain
turbid puddles stilled
birds drip down from
trees for a drink.

Dark glossy oblong pools
stacked sky-born shingles
mercurial raven feathers.

Leaves pitched
like festive tents
on our lawn —
slugs, worms &
newts awaken
& yawn —

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Autumn…How I Love Thee 🍂🍁

I set out this morning for my sunrise Soul Stroll. As is my ‘custom’, I like to greet the solstices and equinoxes at the beach……I knew it was suppose to be cloudy…but wasn’t prepared for the rain or the wind, so my stroll was short-lived. 😬.  Even though the wind is drowning me out, I’m sharing my little good morning video anyway…and please excuse my ‘roll out of bed look’ LOL 

After a nice hot shower and a few cups of coffee….a bit of  writing and editing and here ya go….

To be exact, the Northern Hemisphere enters on Thursday morning, September 22, 2016, at exactly 10:21 a.m. EDT.

A sky full of clouds…

And the rains, they came.

On the first,

of this,

Autumn Day…


They were blowing.

The tide rolling in.

Alone on my Stroll,

Autumn begins…….


Life Is A Mystery

Alrighty Now! We’re starting a new book to help us along in our continued effort to dig deeper over at the SANDBOX WRITING CHALLENGE….this go round Lady Calen is prompting us along with the help of Philip Simmons book Learning to Fall: Recording the Blessings of an Imperfect Life…….

Do you perceive life as a problem to be worked out, or a mystery to be experienced? Have you ever encountered something so powerful, befuddling, joyful, or horrible that you can’t figure out WHAT it means? If so, imagine yourself standing on the edge of a cliff puzzling it out. Do you see it as a problem to be solved and back away in fear, confusion, or the belief it can’t really be that great, or do you leap forward into the mystery of it? Let’s talk about problems and mysteries, shall we?

Where in your life have you experienced true mystery?

My Soul Strolls, once filled with comfort,

Are now becoming riddled with restlessness….

Stirrings, like the beat of Dragonfly Wings,

Cause an uncontrollable quiver,

Deep inside of me….

The need for growth, strong.

I ponder the question,

Then speaking it out loud….

I put it ‘out there’ on the wind…

“Is it time for me to go?”

I listen carefully, to the song of the sea..

Waiting, waiting for the whisper of an answer………

…..that answer is ‘out there’……yet it’s a mystery……

I wrote this, this morning, before knowing what this weeks SBC was going to be. I only added the last little line ‘yet it’s a mystery’ after reading what the prompt was…….I think it kinda, sorta ties in with the whole ‘mystery’ thing. 

It’s a mystery to me. Why am I so restless? Why am I feeling the need to go? 

I feel the force of it as if I’d been punched in the stomach…….I don’t see it as something to run from….I welcome it as it makes me feel Alive, but it also brings on huge bouts of frustration. Why frustration?! Because as much as I want to act on it, the realities of real life hold me back…….

With that said, I do see some travel in the very near future to feed the wanderlust of my gypsy soul……….

So, until I can totally unravel the mystery of my gypsy soul, (and quite truthfully, I know that’s NEVER gonna happen, nor do I want it would be boring without the mystery!)…. I’ll continue to walk the beaches of Assateague…waiting and listening for the answers yet to come.

Getting To Know Me…

The rains have come on this Monday afternoon…early darkness has me turning on my little fairy lights, lighting a few candles and joining in Cee’s Share Your World………..and here are today’s questions!

Are you a hugger or a non-hugger? unequivocally a hugger 😊😊😊

What is your least favorite Candy? Hmmmmmmmm…..I’d have to say those yellow wrapped butterscotch candies I remember from childhood..never liked them! 😝

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word “fun”? My Soul Strolls…..being in nature..sharing my love of nature with my grandchildren

List of Favorite Smells: What smells do you love? Whether it’s vanilla scented candles or the smell of coffee in the morning or the smell of a fresh spring rain…make a list of all the things you love for a little aromatherapy….

  • The scent of wet fallen leaves 
  • Clothes after they’ve dried on the clothesline
  • The briny scent of the marsh
  • Spicy candles 
  • Fresh ground coffee
  • Baking bread
  • The scent outside right now, rain on the hot macadam 
  • Puppy breath
  • Salty ocean air

Bonus question: What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up? The hard work of this weight loss/getting healthy journey is paying off….hip is feeling better and nothing feels quite as good as putting on a pair a jeans that I haven’t been able to wear in years!!!
Looking forward to the cooler temps being predicted…

I’m A Hugger Photo Source

Butterscotch photo via google search

I’ve Been Talking To Myself 🙃

You’ve wasted moments being unsure of yourself. You’ve wasted moments worrying about the things you have no control over. You’ve lost sleep over and have second guessed the choices you have made. You’ve worried about what this person or that person may think…..Well the time has  come to realize doing all of these things is a waste of the precious moments you’ve been Blessed with……….Tell yourself your going to do more than just exist and open your eyes heart  to the fact that living a complacent life isn’t really living ………

Soooooooooooo……….As I slowly sipped my coffee with pumpkin creamer 😊🎃 I once again made a pact with myself (one of the wonderful things about a new day is the gift of starting over)…….Today I’m going to Embrace the fact that I Am Alive. And whether failure or success comes my way today, both are part of my living my life fully. And  Dammit…..Living is what I’m gonna do!