29 thoughts on “Shhhhhhhhhh  ☀️

  1. Glad y’all didn’t get slammed this weekend. My beloved Ocracoke didn’t get hit too bad either, but they were under a couple feet of water from the Sound. Could’ve been a lot worse though.

  2. Wow you brought back the more positive of feelings I used to get when getting up at 5 am for work every day. I travelled by bus and at the bus stop – quite often an owl would fly across the road into the tree above my head. I’d be there with other early risers and none would ever see it. Its silence always held me in awe and I’d hold my breath for that precious moment – like the dawn. Gorgeous photos.

    • Early morning is my favorite part of the day..use to work in a bakery so was always up before the sun..now I get to experience moments like these…I’m very Blessed 😊
      Love the sound of the owls in the wee hours!!!

  3. Lovely! You’re a morning person – when my window faced the sunrise, so was I, to a large extent. Now it faces the sunset, and I’ve become a night-owl.
    I miss the sunrise, though. Every one is like a unique, hopeful, new birth.

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