Beach Treasure 🐚

So, a bit of a precursor to how this little ditty came about….I posted a photo I took of some ‘beach treasures’ I’d found on my Soul Stroll yesterday morning. A friend of mine commented that I Always find the best shells…my response to him was they find me…..I woke at 3 a.m….and words started spinning around in my head….got up and by the light of a night light..this is what I came up with… 😊

Walking along the shoreline

Lost in my thoughts

I cast my eyes downward 

Glimpsing the bounty the sea had brought.

Scattered before me

All across the sand


Whole and broken

Littered the grainy land…..

….and just like that

I see one

The one that’s meant for me

Though it seems I was the one looking

When it truth

It found me…..


14 thoughts on “Beach Treasure 🐚

  1. Very lovely, Linda – the photo and the poem. The poem is a treasure in itself. I know that to be true too – how the gifts find us. I have just come home from a beautiful stay in Maine. There were so many beautiful treasures all over the place. Not so much shells, as the coast is rugged, but the rocks! The colors and designs! Although I did narrow them down to about 7 pounds into my already heavy bag, I took a lot of pictures of them!
    Have a wonderful weekend, LInda.
    Peace and gifts from the sea,

  2. Thanks Linda. You know, I looked for sea glass, but couldn’t find any….or they didn’t find me.

  3. Your poems and photos always make me want to live by the coast. I do bring home rocks when we go somewhere, though. Oh, I do have some shells and sand dollars we found down on the beach by Corpus Christi a long time ago. Enjoy a lovely weekend!

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