The Trouble With Problems…….

Interesting going-ons over at the SANDBOX WRITING CHALLENGE……as Pooh says……


Does seeing problems as mysteries change your perspective about life? & What problems in your life are you ready to give up trying to solve?

Hmmmmm...”Does seeing problems as mysteries change your perspective about life?” Not necessarily…..where I’m at right NOW in my life….regardless of the word I it mystery or problem, I’m still choosing to view life through my Rose-colored glasses…..why do I do this?! Because the alternative, worrying, doesn’t change things… my past life, when I viewed life in a very negative way, every Problem was at the forefront of my mind….whether it was mine in the making or someone else’s, I was shouldering it, and in doing so, I was in a very dark place…and the more I worried, the darker it became, and the darker it became, the harder it got to even remotely hope to find a solution or a way back to the light……….I’ll never go back to that place.

(She says while cleaning the lens of her glasses! πŸ€“πŸ˜Ž)

As for “What problems in your life are you ready to give up trying to solve?” I don’t know if I’d say I’m giving up on anything, so much as just accepting that the answer/solution may not be forth coming in as timely a manner as I would like….and I’m ok with that. I’ve come to the realization that just because I want a solution/answer doesn’t mean I’m gonna get it……that the no solution/answer just may Be the solution/answer for now……….


As for the zen parable…..

I’m Livin’ In The Moment

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ZenParable Source

11 thoughts on “The Trouble With Problems…….

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  2. I think my glasses are a mix of turquoise and lilac hues, but I think that life presents itself more positively all the same! Everything is transient, including problems.

  3. Poppet, I have just heard about Jim, I can’t believe it, my heart is with you, Oh Linda what a shock for you, I will write asap. It will be a while before you see this but I wish I could phone you. Jim will always be there for you always, there are no amount of words at this time that can be said to ease your sorrows but I am here Linda anytime I will send my email address and phone number I will be here for you. I am so sorry for you Linda so sad. God Bless you poppet.

    • You calling me poppet always makes me smile Anna. Thank you…I’m still pretty numb and my heart is broken. But I’m determined not to tarnish Jims memory putting myself in a dark place. My inner lights been dulled by my losing him, but the spark is still there, flickering,,,and I know in time my full light will shine again….I know he’s with me, and the outpouring of love and kind words from everyone has helped.

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