I Knew…(Dragonfly Song)

It’s been 9 days since you left me….Surreal it still seems. I’m existing..I’m staying strong…but I’m missing you terribly.    

2 a.m-these words came to me……

I Knew……..

The Dragonflies were hanging around
With messages for me…

I knew that within those messages

That changes were to be…

I knew down deep, something was happening

Of course I couldn’t foresee…

I assumed you were included

But that wasn’t to be..

I know you are Physically gone

In My heart You remain

As I embark on my new journey 

Knowing nothing is the same..

I take strength in knowing

You are now guiding me along….
I’ll see you with our grandparents

In my Dragonflies song.

22 thoughts on “I Knew…(Dragonfly Song)

  1. My Dear Linda, I have only just seen this as I have been offline for a while. So utterly touching. I know what it is like Linda I have been there, it is all so surreal and the pain is so much. Just remember poppet that Jim is with you all the time, around you helping you giving you strength, he will always be there for you. You have him within your Heart and Soul, love will never end. God Bless. With all our love, and thinking of you, Anna, Jonathan and David.

  2. Can only echo the response above. Here with you, hoping to add to the embraces that will give you strength. Beautifully, heart-rending tribute.

    • xxxxxxx thank you Jane. I’m moving forward slowly….right now only existing….living will begin again when I’m out of here. I’ll be moving in with my son soon..surrounded by my children and grandchildren I can really begin to heal…I’m looking forward to winter Soul Strolls through the woods and hiking trails….Nature is and will continue to be my healer as well.

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