Today I Am Grateful…..

I Am Grateful For FAMILY

Day 2: I’m Grateful for My Children. Stefanie, Kristen and Brad….I was Blessed to be chosen to be your mom, and though I made my share of poor choices that directly impacted your lives, you forgave me, and your love never wavered. Over the last 19 days, you’ve been here for me, whether it be in the physical sense or calling to check in, you have been a source of strength through this whole ordeal…….taking me in to give me time to heal, regroup and ‘just be’ is a gift I’ll be forever thankful for. Surrounded by you and my grandchildren is the best medicine for me. ❤️ Brittney, Scott, and Joseph, this means y’all too! ❤️
My Island Family…..What can I say to all of you? The outpouring of love and support from y’all has kept me from falling apart. Holding my hand, walking me through those first few days, and continuing to walk with me through uncharted waters has made this painful time a tiny bit easier to get through. ❤️


Wallops Family….the kindness shown to me by all of you, even those I’ve never met, has been a source of healing as well. Those I do know personally, well, I’ll never be able to thank you enough for all of your help.❤️

My Blogging Family….the kindness of ‘strangers’ and your written words pack a punch as well. We met here sharing our thoughts and words, and in doing so, we’ve become our own brand of family…..your kind words, thoughts and prayers mean so much to me…❤️

I’ll be forever grateful to all of you for your shared memories, stories, tears and laughter, for they help keep Jim alive in my heart…..and your Hugs, for with each squeeze, you put a little light back into my Soul.


16 thoughts on “Today I Am Grateful…..

  1. I have wondered if there’s a lesson to be learned in this very thing, that we can never know how many lives we touch until they are in a position to give back to us in one way or another. I think that’s been such a testimony for the folks of your Island family.

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