In Celebration Of You ❤️

Looking out across the water

Lost in thought

Trying to make sense of it all

But it’s all for naught 

Your leaving was untimely

There is nothing I can do

But live my life’s moments

In celebration of you……



12 thoughts on “In Celebration Of You ❤️

  1. Linda there are times when all of a sudden it just hits you and its hard so hard to accept. Even though I realize now that my Marriage was not as I had hoped, I still loved David and found it terribly hard without him, the Children helped as will your Grandchildren will. I had to be Mother and Father so I kept busy, but just those quiet moments that’s what I found the hardest, seeing couples together especially at Christmas shopping, then I realized I was alone. For me it took a long time to adjust, you are so strong Linda and you have so much love around you.

    My Heart and tears were with you, when I saw you in that first, oh so moving photo. Jim was there holding your hand with I think your Wedding Ring. You can’t feel him, but believe me poppet there will be times when you will feel him touch you, you can smell him feel him, it will happen. I send you all my love and hugs, take care hold tight poppet.

  2. I’m trying to catch up Linda. We were road tripping for 3 weeks and not long back. I’m following your journey here and seeing some baby steps, and big steps forward. SO good. Where have you moved to ?

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