November Snow ❄️

Yesterday we had bright blue skies and the temperature was 65 degrees. 24 hours later and we have a whole different landscape….. ❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️

The first snow fall of the season

So pristine and bright.

The trees so beautiful 

Dressed all in white.

The air is crisp

As the winds blow.

Snow dances all around

Putting on a show.


Took my first snowy Soul Stroll….have to admit it felt really good to be breathing in that cold fresh air. I’m sure I’ll be changing my tune before long, but for now I’m enjoying the scenery and the freshness of it all ❄️

4 thoughts on “November Snow ❄️

  1. The first snow is always so special to me. The smell of the air, the stillness, and if the sun is shining, a million glints of light all around you. I’m in Canada near the Rockies, so have to be positive about snow! 😉

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