Another Dragonfly Message ❤️

Day 21: I’m Grateful for another Dragonfly Message. I’ve been extremely Blessed by the recent dragonfly activity I’ve encountered the last 2 weeks since I’ve been here. I never expected to see them in November, but the unseasonable warm temps helped make the impossible least that’s what I’ve chosen to Believe.

I sit here in silence

Dragonflies are near.

Sun light dancing on the water

Your (their) message is loud and clear.

A new Linda is emerging

There’s A New Life for me to find.

A New Journey lays before me

While I leave my old life behind.

So while I sit and ponder

These changes that lie ahead.

I’ll hold you close in my heart

Heeding your messages without dread.





8 thoughts on “Another Dragonfly Message ❤️

  1. Just remember you’re not leaving the YOU of you & Jim behind. Don’t ever lose that fascinated, child-like wonder that you have. That’s what I think of when I think of you. (Btw, do you have a starlight filter on your camera?)

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