Today I Am Grateful 🙏

Day 23: I’m Grateful for the kindness of a friend who sent me this book………I finally felt ready to pick it up and start reading it. Little did I know that I would find myself amongst the pages…..the part titled The World Becomes Dreamlike really hit home for me…it was perfectly describing how I’ve been feeling..I just couldn’t put a word to it. I had gone to Walmart with my son and his family..and I felt as though I was invisible, watching everything happening around me……’dreamlike’. ………and this one, counting the days by how long Jims been gone…today is day 40. 😔❤️


10 thoughts on “Today I Am Grateful 🙏

  1. 💚 i seem to remember reading a story about the Buddha, in which he talks to someone who has lost a loved one and he told them that when you feel the pain of loss, you feel your heart is wide open and you feel empathy for other beings, as you can relate to their suffering… As you are in pain yourself. His advice to that person was to feel how open their heart is, and to keep it open… I think it’s a beautiful piece of advice.. I hope you are ok, and you are not invisible 🙂

  2. I’m sure that unreality feels strange. I can remember feeling that way when my father died. I stood with him and outside the window the world went on the same. People were walking past obliviously. It felt unreal. The world had changed. Yet out there it had not.
    Gradually you adjust. There are grandchildren, children, friends and relatives. There is love.

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