JimS Words 🖊

Today it’s 42 Days…6 Weeks…….1008 hours 😔 

Love and Miss You Husband

So, I was going through my things, looking for my little white lights to decorate ‘my little space’ and I came across a folder. In that folder I have poems and notes that Jim wrote to me over the years………..I pulled out one of his writings, this one dated June 26, 2008 that I’d like to share with all of you.


The Mystery Of Life can not be more clearly explained then by

comparing Human Life to an Ocean Wave.

Human Life begins as does the Ocean Wave, mysteriously beyond

the horizon and out of sight.

Yet, from the time of their creation, we know they exist. In their

infancy they are recognized as a miracle, a gift from our Creator

and watched with awe.

As they grow, they are affected by the elements and forces of

nature which cannot be; controlled, contained and at times


In maturity, they can be warm and gentle or cold and forbidding:

productive or destructive.

As they pass maturity, they both strain to hold on to their 

individuality and existence.

The Wave, after crashing onto a beach, surges in a froth, spreading 

more and more slowly until it can no longer continue, in ‘death’, it is 

forced to retreat back to the Ocean, its universe, to be reborn as a 

new Force Of Nature.

Man, when no longer able to sustain a worldly existence, in death, 

retreats back to his universe to be reborn as a new Force Of Nature.

All Life Is Precious and All Life Is Eternal.


Happy Thanksgiving 🙏

This Thanksgiving will be difficult and very different for me. But I’m also aware of how incredibly Blessed I am. I will shed my tears, but they will be shed with a Grateful heart……for I am Blessed with a Love that transcends time and space. Yes I mourn, but I also celebrate.

So, this Thanksgiving, I will be surrounded by my son and his extended family. I will be embraced and comforted. Together we will share a meal, remember those not with us, share and make memories….and we will be Thankful.

I am Thankful for all of you. Your kind words, thoughts and prayers let me know I’m not alone while I navigate these uncharted waters I find myself in. My emotions, they ride the waves, and I let them flow. My pain is real, but my love is stronger ❤️

“I am opening my heart to the world, a heart that is slowly coming back together”

Love You Husband ❤️

One Year Ago……

I posted this a year ago………

Every morning, while sipping my coffee, I start my online rounds. One of the things I enjoy checking is the On This Day feature on FB. It lets me revisit my past posts on this day, taking me as far back as to my humble FB beginnings in 2009. I have used some of my past statuses in my blogs before. This was the quote I used on this day a few years ago…..

I decided to pair it with this photograph I took the other day while on my Soul Stroll. This instant of this leaf’s life was to share its autumnal color and beauty with me. It’s nearing its end, yet Is this the leaf’s final destiny?! I don’t think so, for through decomposition it will continue to live on, giving its nutrients to the soil.

“This instant—this one now—is always your life’s beginning, a fresh chance to start living your destiny.” ~Unknown~

   I choose to live my life NOW. I’ve lived in the past, and quite honestly, that really sucked. Reliving and rehashing old wounds, the shoulda, woulda, coulda’s wasn’t going to help me or change the past. As for living for the future, waiting for that something better to happen or come along while life passes you by..been there done that to. The best thing I ever did for myself was to give myself permission to live my life in the present. I Embrace the gift of my NOW and appreciate this moment. I’m Living my life moment to moment, minute by minute, with a grateful heart. What is my destiny? I’m open to the journey, one moment at a time. 

Today I Am Grateful 🙏

Day 23: I’m Grateful for the kindness of a friend who sent me this book………I finally felt ready to pick it up and start reading it. Little did I know that I would find myself amongst the pages…..the part titled The World Becomes Dreamlike really hit home for me…it was perfectly describing how I’ve been feeling..I just couldn’t put a word to it. I had gone to Walmart with my son and his family..and I felt as though I was invisible, watching everything happening around me……’dreamlike’. ………and this one, counting the days by how long Jims been gone…today is day 40. 😔❤️