GLADvent Day 5: WARMTH

Today’s Word and Quote of the day over at Harula’s GLADvent is Warmth….Now take a moment to pause and reflect upon how Warmth has shown up in your life recently; whether inner or outer, given or received. And as by a fire, other qualities, feelings gather close when warmth is near. What else was present?

WARMTH: “I enjoy it when the world smiles; the more smiles, the warmer I am. ” – Dejan Stojanovic~

I woke this morning, to snow. So my first thought when seeing today’s word was……….

“Snowflakes swirl down gently in the deep blue haze beyond the window. The outside world is a dream…..

Inside, the fireplace is brightly lit, and the Yule log crackles with orange and crimson sparks.

There’s a steaming mug in your hands, warming your fingers.” ~Vera Nazarian~

My next thought, was the warmth of his love……

“And then, There was a love Shining so bright, That even the darkest part Of our hearts Felt the warmth” ~Bryonie Wise~


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