Wandering…Lost…Soul. Me. 

You departed unexpectedly 

And left me alone.

Alone in limbo

Belonging no where.

I am a refugee


Looking for my missing soul….



I Miss Us…

I miss the us we used to be..

We were good at it..

You and me.

We melded together 

Into one.

You and me…

Became an us….

I’ll always think of Us

As We, for Eternity…


Healing Waters….a Tanka

Winter winds blowing

Sun is shining down on me

I sit and listen

To the musical healing

Sound of the river flowing…..



Winter’s Bleak yet Beautiful

The dreary bleakness of January has me feeling right at home. Even in the bleakness, I find beauty and peace…..


Art Journaling…Day 4

Today’s prompt: Create a page featuring a list of the things that made you happy as a child that STILL make you happy today.

My list is short……there are just two things…horses and books.

I actually did a blog about it 2 years ago,,before I had any followers on WP…She Dreams of Horses

Anyway,,,,sitting here, pulled out my pad and pencil