Mind, Body, Soul Newsletter – January 2017

Happy 2017 Raili 💥

Thank you for this post Raili! It spoke to me and actually got me excited 😊 So had to share it!!!

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New Growth

2017 is the Year of the One.
Why?  Let me tell you …

The year has stepped over the threshold into newness – from 2016 to 2017.  I sit and wonder what it has in store for me, for you, for the world.

2016 seemed to be so full of sadness and fear. It was hard to imagine that much good could possibly have happened. Yet it has!  There IS hope – good things HAVE happened.

  • The number of children receiving schooling is rising
  • There are more women in public office
  • Global life expectancy is increasing
  • And so is global prosperity
  • There are more democratic governments ruling countries
  • Global connectedness is exploding thanks to the internet
  • There are less wars even though it may not seem so
  • Global poverty is on a rapid decline
  • Deforestation is decreasing and predicted to be 0 in ten years
  • The ozone hole is diminishing…

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