Time Doesn’t Stop…Life Goes On…

The realization hits me smack in the face….it’s not that I’m not aware of it ’cause I am…..I am 12 weeks + 1 day into this new life of mine..one I wasn’t ready for. At first, they were there. Be it physically, via phone call or text, cards or letters, they were there……..and now, they’re not. With some of the reading I’ve been doing, I knew this was coming, that it was a part of the process, but in some ways it still took me by surprise. I reached out yesterday, via text, to someone I hadn’t heard from…….he responded back, until he asked me how I was doing. I think the preferred answer would have been just ok….instead I was honest and well,,,,no response. And then, it hit me, how many I haven’t heard from…..it saddened me, but I also get it………………they’ve got their lives to live, and the changes that I’ve incurred, well, I know it can make some uncomfortable,,death does that….I can understand their wanting/needing to take steps back from what’s become my reality………….but let there be no mistake…………..I am grateful to everyone who was and is a part of this journey of mine…..

Soulful Meanderings….

A morning soul stroll

With no where to go.

One foot in front of the other

Is all I know.



24 thoughts on “Time Doesn’t Stop…Life Goes On…

  1. This is so true, right? I guess they just don’t know what to say. That’s odd though, if you think about it. We’ve ALL lost someone we love. You’d think we’d all know what it feels like, and what words and actions helped us feel more at peace. Anyway, hope you’re managing, and still have one eye on the future. I, for one, am curious to see which direction you take. 😊

  2. Your soulful meandering is very poignant. Wishing I had some words of wisdom but I’m drawing a blank. I can say I think of you often, Linda. Hope tomorrow brings you smiles.

  3. I had them cross the road to avoid talking to me, the Children on the other hand the kids at their Schools and the Teachers the majority were very good. One Teacher in particular for Jonathan was exceptional. As a Widow you soon realize people don’t want to hear about “him” it reminds them of death – but when it happens to them, well its a different story. Life is cruel, or should I say people can be cruel.

    Just remember poppet I am here always on the end of this keyboard or a telephone, or letter whatever you want. Or just know that even if we don’t speak I am thinking of you and your pain. You take care.

    • Thank you Anna for always being there…..thankfully no ones been cruel, and the kindness of strangers, who don’t mind listening to me talk about Jim, has been such a gift………I do understand….doesn’t mean it doesn’t sting a little, but I do get it…..and I’m blessed to have those few who still keep in touch and check up on me ❤

  4. They say the first 6 weeks people hang around and then start dropping off… and that’s when it can get tough ‘cos the need for support doesn’t drop off. But you know there is a cohort of us tough hangers on who will haunt you on your journey ! i can absolutely understand the need for solitude. There are times I yearn it too – I get days when the house is empty except for me and I just love it. It is soul soothing, peaceful and comforting to be alone at times. I’m sure you will find the perfect haven for yourself. A place where the dragonflies will join you 🙂

  5. You are actually pretty blessed because you have an understanding of how life is flowing around you thanks to your reading and preparing. But I know it still hurts and sometimes you just feel like you’re in this all by yourself. Even that, sadly, is normal. You got this, girlfriend!

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