Living Legacy Foundation

After a 4 days of cancellations and delays, I made it back to PA yesterday afternoon….

My return is bittersweet in that I wasn’t flying home to my Jim. Reality still isn’t all that great…but I received a package yesterday that brought me to tears, my sadness and happiness woven together ❤  To know that there are 2 people out there, seeing the world once again because of Jims gift, well, it makes my heart swell with love. 

Organ donation is so important. I didn’t hesitate when approached, knowing that it was Jims wish, and mine. I’ve no doubt, that those who have benefited from Jims gift, are seeing things in a whole new way, ’cause my Jim was an extraordinary kind man..he continues to give and love. 

17 thoughts on “Living Legacy Foundation

  1. LInda – I’ve been so far behind in keeping up with my WordPress Reader feed, that I haven’t stopped by your blog in a while. Reading your post, I quickly backtracked through your last few months of posts and read your sad news. I am so, so sorry. Our little blogging community is so odd – complete strangers who still seem to “know” each other a bit through sharing our stories.
    It has been just over a year since I lost both of my parents within 2 months of each other. A much different loss than a spouse, but in many ways grief is grief. We get through it in our own way and in our own time.
    After a year of living with my grief, I can say that it changes, but does not disappear. It’s a jagged hole – the edges will smooth out with time, but the hole will always be there. Things like the Living Legacy will help.
    Take care of yourself know that you’re not alone. And let the thought of the miracle that Jim’s legacy is giving warm your heart. <>

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