Art Journaling…Day 3

Today’s prompt: Most of us have answered to more than one name in our lifetime – be it a nickname, a pet name from a spouse/partner, or a name defining an important role in your life, such as Mom or Grandma. Create a page about one of these alternate names – whether you loved it or hated it.

I’m having a hard time pulling these together…I want to ‘feel’ it, but instead I feel like I’m falling into a deep black hole. As each day passes, the more lost I feel. I really Really dislike feeling this way……dealing with my grief along with the winter blahs is no picnic……anyway…..

My nickname….there are a choice few who’ve been calling me Sunshine for the past few years……my lights been dulled, but I’m doing my damdest to keep on shining ☀

The Beauty Of Her Soul

Is not free from scars.

It is littered with wrong turns,

Mistakes and broken promises.

The Beauty Of Her Soul

Was once tarnished and lost.

Robbed of all its luster,

Dulled of all its shine.

Yet, The Beauty Of Her Soul

Is like the rising sun.

Fueled with a burning desire,

To start each day anew.

The Beauty Of Her Soul

Is radiating from within.

Pouring forth with warmth and happiness,

Shining once again.


20 thoughts on “Art Journaling…Day 3

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  2. For someone who is struggling, you’re doing pretty well there ! Maybe you’re trying too hard ? Bernadette’s words of wisdom ring so true. How do you approach this work? I always find moving into it from a meditative state works well for me – when the logic and rational brain is switched off and the heart is in charge.

    • I think what’s making this hard for me is as much as I love my children and grandchildren, my need for space and solitude so I can grieve and heal in my own way has caught up with me…the reality of being displaced with no place to call my own is overwhelming me…

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