21 thoughts on “Winter’s Bleak yet Beautiful

  1. Fantastic, there you are poppet you are back and such wonderful photography, my youngest Son just remarked what a great camera you must have. Lovely video what a wintry scene so captivating, love it poppet. Take care, love Anna

  2. I think snow is beautiful. All those wonderful crystals all clustered together. It’s all apart of nature. Even though I prefer more moderate temperatures, I know if I wrap up warm, and make sure my hands are covered especially, I can enjoy nature’s winter. The peace I know I’d feel just walking and looking and listening [the sound of flowing water is calming], would be worth it. If it doesn’t harm the trees, the birds, and other wildlife, I doubt it will harm me. I just need to prepare my mind, body, and spirit for the adventure. Peace Be Still…and so it is in winter.

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