Ugh…..It’s February…

I’ve very mixed emotions going into February….My sons birthday is tomorrow which of course brings me happiness………but then….. bleh! Why you ask?!

February is upon us

And there’s nothing I can do.

There’s no skipping over it

I have to find a way to make it through..

It’s not about Valentine’s Day

That wasn’t important to us.

It’s our birthdays that I’m speaking of

That’s causing all the fuss..
This just plain ole sucks

Being without you.

But I’ll take it moment by moment

Cause that’s all that I can do……


That’s why 😔 Don’t mean to be a downer, but I’ve held so much in over the last 110 days. I realized something recently….that I was trying not to make anyone uncomfortable with my sadness and pain………that I was actually trying to make them feel better……anyway, please hang in there with me. I’m walking a journey I wasn’t  ready for……

15 thoughts on “Ugh…..It’s February…

  1. Sadness and pain are part of the gamut of our emotional life and we shouldn’t hide from them. To feel with you is to be human. Don’t worry about the impact of what you’re feeling. There are people out here that care.

  2. Please don’t feel you need to hide your pain, ever.
    Great pain and hard grief are a testament to great love.
    It’s all yours and you can share.
    I’m here too.

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