Thank You…Today Was A Good Day…

The past few days has proven to be an emotional roller-coaster for me…and I have to be honest and tell you I DONT DO ROLLER-COASTERS!! 😬

With that out of the way, I’d like to Thank Y’All who have been traveling and sharing this journey with me. Just knowing your ‘out there’ means the world to me. Your kind words, encouragement and virtual hugs really do help. ❀ as do finding hearts when you least expect them…….

So, my Jims Birthday is right around the corner (Tuesday). If he was still here, he’d of been smokin’ and grilling this weekend away. My son Brad, stepped in. He got out the smoker, and smoked the last rack of ribs Jim bought. We enjoyed a beautiful day, outside. Ate good food, toasted my man and shared memories. Healing….one moment, one memory at a time……

5 thoughts on “Thank You…Today Was A Good Day…

  1. I’ve been following your IG feed more now than ever due to work and my schedule. But Linda, you are always in my thoughts even though I don’t get the chance to tell you. I think it’s great that you are celebrating him. And it’s also ok to be on a roller coaster because, you know, roller coaster rides end. Some end quicker than others but eventually they end. You are blessed to have a great family and not wanting to sound cliche, you are a pretty strong lady. So those moments of weakness are fine. I’m rooting for your healing!!!

  2. Lovely tribute to a great man, the love you will always share wherever, whenever. My heart goes out to you and I shall be thinking of you tomorrow, happy memories Linda mixed with some tears – but remember THE LOVE YOU SHARED. God Bless, Anna.

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