Friday…I’m Trying To Like You…

Ok folks. My Jim died 19 weeks ago today. This afternoon. 2:50 to be exact (at least that’s what his death certificate says) I know he was gone earlier then that. Anyway, I’m trying to find a way to not dislike Fridays so much. 
Today, it feels like spring….I went for a walk, sat by the lake. I came upon a ‘dragonfly’ leaf lying in the road….

we both love the warm weather..I wanted to try and make today a celebration as apposed to dreading it… far so good.

Hugs from a tree..a really good thing 💚

In life you healed me.

In life you helped me grow.

You opened my heart,

You gave me strength,

You gave me room to sow.

With your death 

Comes more healing,

More growth is happening too.

Though my heart is broken, 

My strength is shining through.
My journey is now a solo one.

Something I wasn’t ready for.

But my backpack is ready,

Your loves within me,

It’s time to open that door…..


13 thoughts on “Friday…I’m Trying To Like You…

  1. Make it a celebration, but when you feel like hating a Friday, go ahead and hate it! However you are feeling at any particular moment, know that it’s OK. Our emotions are what make us human. Sending light and love for your continued healing. <>

  2. Friday’s may be hard to face, the reliving that Friday timeline, feeling the pain, the sense of great loss, the emptiness, every detail of that moment when he was taken home. It will be with you, use that time to cherish the memories you had, experience the loss and let that help you ease your pain. Friday’s will be what brings you through your grief and you take however many Friday’s it takes to help you heal. Sending you strength, love and healing energy Linda. Big hugs to you!

  3. I believe people come in our life and go strictly as per the Karmik Law or Cause & Effect as preached by Lord Krishna in scripture Bhagvat Gita. If in doubt, please read the post I completed just now on my blog. Your views/comments if any on my post are most welcomed.

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