Saying Goodbye February..

I Made It…well almost…10 more hours to go….yesterday was my 54th birthday…it was ok. I had a fabulous dream of adventure with his letters to me and drank some wine.

Today…Soul Strolled down to the lake on this spring like day……….I’m feeling ok. Have I turned a corner?!?! I feel ‘different’, in a good way. More comfort, more peace. I’ll take it. 

Made it through another month without you.

You’re so far away,


So near…..

I feel your touch 

On the breeze..

I see you in the sky,

Disguised as Dragonfly wings…


I Spy…..

12 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye February..

  1. Happy 54th birthday – and the beginning of a new year, a new you 🙂
    I just happen to have a copy of John O’Donohue’s Anam Cara sitting on the desk next to me. On the spur of the moment I let it fall open asking for just the right blessing for you. Here it is –

    May your body be blessed.
    May you realise that your body is
    a faithful and beautiful friend
    of your soul.
    And may you be peaceful and joyful and
    recognise that your senses are sacred
    May you realise that holiness is mindful gazing,
    feeling, hearing and touching.
    May your senses gagther you and bring you home.
    May your senses always enable you to celebrate
    the universe and the mystery and possibilities
    in your presence here
    May the Eros of the Earth bless you.

    Raili xxxx

  2. I’m sitting here smiling while I read about your birthday. But my smile is selfish as I will celebrate my 54th birthday this year also. I hope your special day was lovely Linda.

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