Afternoon Soul Stroll…River Song

Took advantage of the sun and slightly warmer temps to get a Soul Stroll in. Ice has finally melted off the lake, the river swiftly flowing….music to my ears. 

Snow melts river flows

Ripples singing natures song

Music to my ears 


On my way back……….he’s always with me 💙

On Dragonfly Wings He Flies

He Brings Me Peanut Butter 🥜

Ok……. Woke up from a dream..and before I could ‘lose’ it, I jotted this down at 2:54 this morning….It may not make sense to some of you….but those who know me know I have a slight love addiction to peanut butter……actually Jim and I always said we are as close as Peanut Butter & Jelly on squishy Wonder Bread 😊🥜 

You died

You used your key

Unlocked the door

I looked at Kristen

I yelled who is that

You replied, your husband

We got up

You walked in

Carrying a jar of chunky PB (blue cap)

I was crying

Saying How?

You died

You were opening the jar on the counter

You looked at me and said

I guess Linda’s husband came back

Because she loved him so much

I started to cry……

I woke up…..

And I smiled …. and thought

We’re a couple of nuts 😜🥜


I even wrote a poem about my love for PB

Ode To Peanut Butter

I eat you in the morning,

In the afternoon,

Anytime of day,

Your good upon a spoon…

Spread you on apples,

On Celery sticks

Or bread…

Your peanutty goodness

Goes right to my head….

Your my protein of choice

Whenever I need a snack

With a piece of deep dark chocolate 

Yumminess I never lack….

If you haven’t quite guessed it

Peanut butter makes me swoon

Whether I’m eating a PB &J

Or eating it off a great big spoon!!! 


Celebrating Him ❤

I Miss Us.

The us that made us



Linda and Jim,

Made up,

One entity.

We were two separate Souls,

That came together.

Fusing that separateness,

That made us a Whole. 


So, as I’m choosing to ‘take back’ my Fridays and celebrate Jim and our life….I thought I’d share this little song. On the occasional rainy afternoon, we’d drink and talk and sing and dance….heck, we’d do that on sunny afternoons as well…..Jim had an amazing singing voice..he was kind and tell me I did as well…lol 

This is one I always loved singing to him…….so Babe, I’m pouring the wine 🍷🍷 and I’m singing this one for you ❤🎤🎼

My Truth..My Potential 

The only thing sadder than undiscovered potential is unused potential, and you must learn on this journey that deep down you already have all of the answers. The only way to do that is to live the questions. That’s my best guess at least. I don’t know for sure, but I’m okay with that. I’m okay with not knowing. I’m alright with chasing mysteries.———

This quote appeared in my newsfeed this morning via Jeremy @longdistancelovebombs and I couldn’t help but smile at his timing…….

In 3 weeks time, I’ll be embarking on a new chapter in my life. Packing up my Subaru and heading to NC for a new start……without My Jim’s physical presence. Oh hell, he’ll be riding shot-gun with me (small keepsake with his ashes will always be with me) as well as Spiritually, but this part of my journey is mine……..and quite honestly, I’m scared sh*tless! 

Next month (the 14th) will be 6 months since he was called home. At times, it still seems so surreal, yet I know it’s my reality……….
But I’m in limbo this way is no way to live…..I’m ready to chase my mystery, live my questions….and listen to my gut….see what I’m made of. Jim Always believed in me and my potential..long before I ever believed in myself……

Now it’s time to take my own leap of Faith.

On Silent Wings He Flies…Forever To Watch Over Me ❤