He Came To Me In A Dream

Good Morning All……….I woke this morning with an extra skip in my step. Last night, Jim showed up in a dream. Very vivid. Very real. His timing has always been spot on. When he was alive, he could read me like a book. He Always knew the right thing to say…………so while sipping my morning coffee, I quickly jotted this down. Trying to capture the moment as best I could……..

I Needed You…..

And don’t you know,

You showed up in my dream

Last night.

You smiled and said hello…

You said you were just fine

And that I would be fine, too.

Because we both believe,

I know this is true.

We hugged so tightly

I didn’t want to let go.

But I felt you slipping away

And my tears they did flow….

I woke myself up

My face still wet with tears

But a smile was on my face

Because I know he’s near….

He’s with me always,

He’s my guiding light.

All I need to do is whisper him name

And I’ll be alright….



16 thoughts on “He Came To Me In A Dream

  1. Very beautiful. He probably knows you’re getting antsy to get out of the weather and head back down south! I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a picture of him without his beard. And head shaved?

    • Yes ma’am…I actually shaved his head 😊 loved the look…..also loved that head of hair though…and the beard ❤
      There’s no doubt he knows I’m antsy..hell I was antsy before he passed…..

      • So true. Perhaps Jim takes comfort now that despite all the tears he knows you’re free to follow the gypsy in you. Your happiness was so important to him.

  2. A gift that sometimes people will experience after a loss of a loved one. Doesn’t happen to everyone, I’m so happy that you experienced it. Peace, love and joy fill your days. I continue to keep you in my prayers.

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