My Truth..My Potential 

The only thing sadder than undiscovered potential is unused potential, and you must learn on this journey that deep down you already have all of the answers. The only way to do that is to live the questions. That’s my best guess at least. I don’t know for sure, but I’m okay with that. I’m okay with not knowing. I’m alright with chasing mysteries.———

This quote appeared in my newsfeed this morning via Jeremy @longdistancelovebombs and I couldn’t help but smile at his timing…….

In 3 weeks time, I’ll be embarking on a new chapter in my life. Packing up my Subaru and heading to NC for a new start……without My Jim’s physical presence. Oh hell, he’ll be riding shot-gun with me (small keepsake with his ashes will always be with me) as well as Spiritually, but this part of my journey is mine……..and quite honestly, I’m scared sh*tless! 

Next month (the 14th) will be 6 months since he was called home. At times, it still seems so surreal, yet I know it’s my reality……….
But I’m in limbo this way is no way to live…..I’m ready to chase my mystery, live my questions….and listen to my gut….see what I’m made of. Jim Always believed in me and my potential..long before I ever believed in myself……

Now it’s time to take my own leap of Faith.

On Silent Wings He Flies…Forever To Watch Over Me ❤

18 thoughts on “My Truth..My Potential 

  1. Wow! Every time I visit your site you seem more gutsy.
    Follow your spirit, wherever it may lead you – it won’t deceive you, or lead you astray, especially as Jim will be beside you all the way

  2. You will breathe easier once you’re on your way. You’ll feel unfettered and hopefully have a little excitement along with the anxiety of making a new path in the world. (I meant to ask you, despite your relationship with dragonflies, are you sure you’re not a GYPSY moth??? 😉 )

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